Today, in 1999

Enjoy a picture of my family and I from early 2000! Guess which baby I am.

I was really bummed that I missed the Daily Create where one uses the words that were added to the dictionary in their birth year. Therefore, I was very excited to find that it is in the Assignment Bank! It is titled “Never Fear – It’s The Words Of The Year” and submitted by Anonymous. It is worth two stars.

The description is as follows: “Merriam-Webster keeps a year-by-year list of when words were first recorded, or first recorded as being used in a particular sense. Each year gives us a list of somewhat random unusual and mundane words. Your challenge: Take the list from some significant year, such as the year of your birth, and build a poem from the words on the list. You don’t need to be limited to just the list, unless you choose to do so. Any kind of poem will do – just make it meaningful. Assignment inspired by the ever-inspirational Amy Burvall.”

Therefore, I decided to look into my birth year: 1999. I was surprised at how applicable many of the terms were to modern day. I had no idea that many of those technologies had been formalized at the time of my birth, and it was a delightful surprise to be a little “meta” with it. One could consider my ‘freestyle poem’ a critique of my generation, though I am truthfully indifferent about my generation other than excitement over the fact that we’ll be the ones high in society one day just like all others. These are some thoughts from a different perspective. It’s a bit rocky since I had trouble trying to connect all of the themes in a poetic manner. Regardless, please enjoy!

Today, in 1999

Gen Z, a generation revolving around public storytelling

Destined to become bloggers, manifesting thoughts into blogs

Before they are released into the lofty blogosphere

Amongst noxious clouds of mango vape.

A chillaxed vibe as they curl up with their e-readers

Clickbait nagging their attention away from stream of thought

Speech devolves into a monotonous stream of texting

Just as often as they claim this invisible world as their own.

Dashcams make it so that mirror awareness is not a priority

The only mirror observed is a handheld, coltan screen.

Suddenly and wonderfully mindful of a carbon footprint, yet

So heavy was the footfall of the old world

That there is no shoe large enough to fill the damage done.

But we believe.

All these things intangible in an epigenomic society:

It’s no wonder that sometimes they think they have

A hoarding disorder their heads.