Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game that has taken over the Internet since its release in March 2020. It has been known as the game to save us from quarantine boredom. Couples that were supposed to get married this spring have had their weddings on Animal Crossing. Graduating classes have also had mock ceremonies. AC memes have filled every nook and cranny of the Internet.

Some happy, modern mood music to enjoy as you read.

Hey, this is Sterling! Today, I will be sharing my experience with this subject through video. This is the “HIGHLIGHTS VIDEOGAME” assignment by Daniel Mercado. It is work 1.5 stars, though I like to think that my editing, compiling, and strive for the aesthetic makes it worth more. The description is as follows: “Do a short video highlighting how good you play the game! Does not matter how its edited as longs as it contains multiple clips of good gameplay that you consider highlight worthy!” If you know anything about Animal Crossing, it is that it’s supposed to be a fun and relaxing game that you get to play at your own pace, one day at a time (a day in-game is directly equivalent to a day in real time!)

Therefore, as you can tell my highlights are a bit different than the ones used in Mercado’s example. Mine are bits of dialogue, showing my progression and relationships with the characters. To me, Animal Crossing stands out because of its ‘cuteness’. I feel at peace and unstressed when I play it. The parts that make me smile are the ones I have chosen for my highlights: not parts where I feel like I display mastery. I’ve captioned some of them so that they can be understood better.

This assignment was somewhat more difficult than expected. Firstly, as Nintendo is, they conveniently do not have a function where you can upload your game footage. Your only options are to either use a microSD card, purchase a capture card, or upload it to Twitter/Facebook. Unfortunately, my best option was to upload to Twitter, resulting in a reduced footage quality. Then, I copied and pasted the post links into a website called Download Twitter Video. I am not sure if that further reduced the quality, but then I downloaded all 15 clips onto my phone. Then, I uploaded them to my favorite mobile video editor: YouCut Now (read about my process here). In the app, I trimmed down the clips and added the captions.

Of course, I made sure to delete all of my uploads on Twitter after I downloaded each clip. While I would love to spam my followers my favorite Animal Crossing clips, it would certainly somewhat overwhelming. Overall, this was a very fun assignment. I was able to reflect on my best moments in this game and put them together. The process was slightly tedious, and I am glad I could figure out a way to download my game footage. This also gave me more experience with YouCut, which I plan to continue using for small projects such as this.