Everybody Wants to Rule the World

If you can’t rule the world, then why not make one? To a degree, “it’s my own design / it’s my own remorse.” I used an instrumental to the song referenced in the title in my radio bumper (how distant that feels).

Here is the song the title is from. I almost used Lorde’s cover (which I recommend) but I wanted something a little more upbeat.

Howdy y’all, and welcome back to my video assignments. This time, I chose to do the “#SixSecondArt” assignment by Ben Rimes, worth 1.5 stars. I’d like to contest for a slightly higher rating, but that’s debatable with this one. The description is as follows: “Six word stories, six word quotes, and six word poetry are all the rage. So why not six second art? Using any method of video, stop motion, or other visual medium, produce a six second video of you creating art. It could be digital art, physical art, or performance art, just create a six second video of you making it happen! Vine, Youtube, Vimeo, are all great places to host, although Vine happens to a great natural place for this type of work.”

I was really into six word stories as a kid: here’s an example from my ancient, very cringe-worthy DeviantArt.

Prompt: Imagination

Before first step – what happens next?

April 13th, 2014

Unfortunately, with the demise of Vine that wasn’t a possibility, so I focused on something I have made, something digital. Something I could deconstruct into its processes. That ended up being the map I created for my final project. I tried to record it as a time-lapse by pressing ‘undo’ repeatedly (with plans to reverse the footage) but my frequent saving hindered this method. So instead, I tried to delete the elements in the order I created them. You can view the results here:

To create this video, I loaded up Bandicam on my computer. It was convenient how I could change the dimensions of the recording window to fit specifically on the Inkarnate window (the website I used to create this map). For more context and detail on what Inkarnate is and how I created this map, please consult my final project post. Here is a screenshot of what it looked like to record:

Then, after that, I ended up not reversing the footage because I just found the process super interesting. Makes you wonder what you define as art: would this be qualified as creating art? Overall, this project was simple yet fun. I often see these art time lapse videos on social media, and it is easy to forget the amount of work that actually goes into them. To think that three hours of making this map could easily be condensed into six seconds is both unsettling yet fascinating.

Imagining someone spending even more hours on their work also feels similar.