Around the World: 80’s Style

Howdy folk! Just thought I’d hype up my radio show and combine the logo design post with my week update. Since my description of my logo is kind of long, I thought I would start with the Week 1 update of my radio show – “Around the World: 80’s Style”.

Title likely inspired by Daft Punk’s 1997 hit “Around the World”.

I am in a group with Allison, Maeve, and Kaitlin (check them out!). It was a little difficult to decide on a topic at first because all of us were very ‘flexible,’ but we finally chose the theme I suggested: our show is based around a glimpse into the 80s around the world. We are examining South Africa, Japan, Australia, and Germany and how they were prevalent in culture and history. First, we started by completing bullet points suggested by Allison (for each of our countries, mine being South Africa): fashion, history, music, technology, film/television, and sports. South Africa was largely influenced by Apartheid at the time, so it has been hard to locate any kind of separation between politics and art. I managed to come up with things for all of my categories, though I feel like I have the least content. I was considering doing Peru instead, but I could still find more on South Africa. Morocco likely would’ve been a better option.

However, history is still important and part of what influences art. I intend to embrace that. Professor Bond commented that we need to find and establish our narrative to connect our content, which we are currently working on. It would be nice to finish our script sometime over the next week if possible. We have linked our commercials, bumpers, and radio show designs to the document. We are planning to reserve the HCC Vocal Booth to record collaborative parts early the week following Spring Break so that the only thing we have to do is splice our audio together and add effects!

Next, onto the design! As you saw from the featured image, I created a more modern and minimalistic design. I was inspired to use the colors from a concert t-shirt I have (which still remains to be one of my favorite shirts). I hope the colors are still reminiscent of 80s design choices, but it’s hard to tell. It will likely be a sticker design rather than one for a logo.

Definitely going to edit out those extra lines!

This design is not completely original, for what I did was edit the following two images together:

I used Pixlr E – a newer version of Pixlr Editor (which I miss dearly… I’m also still on Windows 7 if that means anything) – to layer the logos over each other. Then, I chose my palette of blue, purple, and yellow and used a ‘fill’ tool to color in each piece. Since the top of the radio tower and the big star on the left of the Earth are connected to the bigger pieces of the design, I had to make a duplicated, separate layer and erase the Earth around the star. I then used a paintbrush tool to replace the circle at the top of the radio tower.

I wonder if the lines indicate that I’m not supposed to use these…

Next, I used an online tool to generate text in a circular shape since I knew that I wanted to encompass the oddly-shaped logo neatly. The cite I used was TroyGram, which took me a few minutes to figure out but was easy to use. I’d like to try it again with a different, larger font. It was also hard to position it around the logo, though it worked out in the end. Similar to the other parts of the logo, I used the fill tool for each letter.

The text is here, though you can’t see it because Imgur likes to put pictures over black backgrounds.

After that, it was a matter of using the shape tool to create the background. If it weren’t for the fact that the fill tool doesn’t completely fill in the entirety of each piece of the logo, then I would consider overlaying it on top of a white background instead.

What do you think? Is it worth re-working it in white?

Overall, this assignment wasn’t too difficult since I had a clear idea in mind. Oftentimes I get carried away finding new ideas to incorporate into my editing while I am in the process of editing it like my Macbeth poster or my Alice project. This time, though, there was no lightning that struck me and I think that’s why I feel unfulfilled. I think that is also why I’m actually getting worried about copyright issues. Of course, intellectual and creative property matters but since this is being released to a small, non-monetary audience I figured I should just give credit where possible. I did some research on this in my Digital Studies course, and it is something I need to incorporate increasingly if I’m hoping to ever reach a wider audience.