La Vie En Rose

Apparently, my theme is pink this week. Enjoy this Pink Walkman.

Hello, and thanks for tuning in to the DS106 radio this week! My show was Around the World: 80’s Style. I ended up revising the show since there was an error with the music (and I tweaked the volume), which can be listened to here:

I honestly went in ready to listen to the DS106 radio all three nights, but unfortunately, I had a lot to do on Wednesday and could not join for that night (was so stoked for the crime part)! I’ll definitely have to listen to it on my own time. Also by looking at Twitter comments, apparently someone used multiple voices that night which is super exciting for me as an actor. In this post, I will reflect on the show “The Eighties Through Space-Time” and discuss what it was like listening to my own show on Tuesday evening.

It was difficult to choose which show to reflect on since they were all super great and I had a ton of my own comments to comb through. I chose “The Eighties Through Space-Time” for its distinct structure and its intriguing theme. I truly enjoyed how the content could be about the 80s without originating from the 80s at all.

The narrator for the Super 8 section explained the film in a very unscripted manner, which I enjoyed. It seemed natural and conversational, like we were sitting down in class or walking across campus talking about it. As I mentioned in my Twitter post, the audio ‘peaked’ a lot (meaning that it maxed out the input capacity), occasionally distorting the sound on consonants. However, as I learned, resources like the HCC Vocal Booth are not always available and we have to make do with what we have.

From the effectiveness of how the content was communicated, I was able to reflect on my own experiences as a kid. Reflection is a good goal to have in a project. My dad has told me a lot about how he had the freedom to run around and do as he pleased after school in the 80s. I wish I could have had that in my childhood – I was sent to daycare.

Next, was the 1984 section. I think the speaker for this section explained it very well: especially when she compared the politics of the 1940s with the 80s. I honestly didn’t know it was written then: even though it is on my list, it is mostly there because it is a classic though it all makes sense now.

Makes me wonder what is next? I’ve been watching playthroughs of Detroit: Become Human, a video game that takes place in around 2038. Androids are incredibly realistic and work alongside and beneath humans. They are scrutinized and look down upon, and some “deviate” and stand up for themselves. Will we be that advanced by then? Who knows, but it will be interesting to look back when I’m 38 at something that came out when I was 18.

I’ll be honest in that it took me a minute to register that the bit about the bears was a Care Bears commercial. I think it may have been because the section ended without music (maybe), and the commercial part began without music, therefore leading me to see it as a continuation or just another discussion part of the podcast. However, when I did register that it was a commercial, it was very well-done and reminded me of a TV commercial. Even with the sound pitching, I could imagine a mother speaking to her daughter quite clearly! As for the music sampling part, I thought it was quite interesting though I’ll admit that I wasn’t familiar with what music sampling was so that took me some time to understand. Though the music was incorporated very well, and I loved the speaker’s energy! They were extremely enthusiastic and engaging.

See below – I did indeed use an ASMR track for my “From Another Room” assignment. It was the button pressing for the video game playing, and was taken from one where the viewer’s ‘boyfriend’ is playing video games while they’re sleeping near him (and he pets the camera to stimulate comforting them). Gotta go interesting places for these!

The Big League Chew commercial was also very well-done! I could imagine being at the Diamond, and Professor Bond phrased it quite well in the post below. The part that probably appealed the most to my interests was the Machines Like Us section. The title alone is very intriguing, and I have researched those three guys I mentioned quite a bit (especially the first two). To imagine such icons being alive and influencing the public during the 80s (and beyond) would have been something to witness.

After that, came Stranger Things! I still have yet to watch this show, though I’d certainly like to someday. The speaker for this section honestly explored every level I could think of in regards to analysis. She spoke about cultural references to terminology like demogorgons. I came out of this one feeling extremely informed!

Just thought I’d plug the title of the icon revival book (thank you Professor). Despite its very unique title, I had a lot of trouble remembering it and I think I had missed it when it was first mentioned.

Overall, I really enjoyed this radio show. It managed to unify completely different works: from movies to books to music and to TV. It was very cool how their show was about the 80s when the work discussed did not take place in the 80s! What an insanely clever theme. Next, let’s check out my thoughts on hearing my own radio show!

To be honest, I didn’t expect to feel so excited when listening to my radio show. I thought that the whole time, I would be on the edge of my seat getting anxious about my turn to speak on the radio. Instead, we went through each section with many positive comments, reacting as if each member had just done a solo! I got to listen to it with a critical ear, and was able to take pride how well my groupmates did in their editing. For all the crazy things that happened the day we got together to record, the end product was satisfactory. It felt really great, and while I was still nervous for my part, I was also excited for people to hear what I came up with (hopefully people understood me through all the snot). Here are some comments that encapsulate my feelings and the general good vibes that happened:

Would I consider doing this again? Certainly. I would probably look into alternative narrative formats like the one I did the tweet-along on February 13th, which from what I recall alternated between telling a story and an analysis of the text and culture surrounding it. I’d like to dip heavily into the storytelling aspect next time.