Reflection:「Node 3」

Hey guys! This one’s gonna be a bit of a short one (sorry). The unit was a bit shorter since we were working on our projects, and I was only able to spend a limited amount of time on it. Though maybe it’s for the best since all my posts are pretty long-winded (yeah, I admit it…).

First, I’d like to kick it off with our coding project: the retro home page! This was strongly inspired by NeoCities and 90s-era MWC blogs that Professor Whalen showed us.

Initially, the URL was going to be . However, as you can see, that did not work. I had my site ready to submit on time, though I continued to get permission errors despite ensuring that the permission number values were correct, my html was titled “index,” and the folder I used was correct. I tried to locate the HTML Access file with solutions I found online, though no matter what I did, the issue continued to worsen.

Therefore, I went with a very easy solution: to use a different domain. Please check out my site here at! I wanted to invoke the nostalgia of my mid-2000s child self who somehow made it onto online forums. Glittery text? Check. Tiled background? Check. Forum-dwelling dragons? Check. (Spoiler: Rickroll? Check!)

Visit my site to learn more about these cool cats!

As someone who has the goal of creating my own website, this was a great introduction to the basics of HTML/CSS formatting. I feel empowered to make significant progress on my online acting portfolio. If you scroll down to the bottom of my page, you can see that my site is a part of a webring that encompasses the entire class’s retro home pages. I encourage you to check it out!

The theme of this node was “Connections”. We started off the unit connecting with others on LambdaMOO, a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon). Here is a site that explains it in better detail. I enjoyed getting to move around this space for it reminded me of text-based games such as the one I created for my final project (more on that soon).

Some notes I took on commands you can use in LambdaMOO!

In the class after, we discussed HyperText Markup Language, or HTML. We were tasked to give examples of protocol. Given the existence of HyperText Transfer Protocol (Secure), most things function as protocols, though the one I gave was POP/IMAP forwarding in email. Other examples included FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

Here is a video we watched in class about Ted Nelson, pioneer of HyperText.

We also got to discuss Ted Nelson’s Project Xanadu, a concept that redefines digital connection. However, it is not new: it has been around since the 1960s. Nelson visualized links in a space. If the user views one material, more pop up. Logical paths of information connect in a singular space. It was difficult for me to visualize in concept, though seeing a visual representation of it in this video has taught me that there are so many unexplored ways of connection that go beyond the Internet.

I’m going to cut it off here. Hope you enjoyed my home page, and think about how you will be connecting virtually with others over the holidays!