Play The Game

Here is the assignment “Remixed Game Covers” by Jim Groom: with a DS106 twist!

This assignment was surprisingly a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. The description says to “Take a video game cover and remix it to change up the meaning or play with the general idea of the game. You can see more examples in this post which is in many ways the inspiration for this assignment.”

Of course, I clicked the ‘remix’ button, and this is what I got:

How convenient, right? However, when I got to searching, the game covers were ones I’d never seen. Several had fonts that I knew would be extremely difficult to imitate. I really wanted to do the cover to a Choose Your Own Adventure novel because they feature things about stories on it, but the one I saw that fit the best was a bit too small and seemed to depict Native Americans in a less-tasteful manner. Therefore, I decided to go with the original Dungeons & Dragons handbook cover.

First, I found a website that allows one to export fonts as images: Fontmeme. I’ve used this one before, and it really helps to get a stylized font. Unfortunately, the ones they had for the subtitles wasn’t quite exact, but it was good enough. In Pixlr (where I edited the image), I used the dropper tool to pick the color for my font and then color out the rest of the words with the cover’s red.

As you can see, I inputted a different HEX code than the standard white. Then, I clicked ‘Generate,’ opened the image in a new tab, and then downloaded it. I resized my text using the ‘Free Transform’ tool. Honestly, the most difficult part of this assignment was trying to come up with a good alliteration for the title. “Digital & Storytelling” didn’t quite work, and “DS106 & Dragons” didn’t work either since the font does not have numbers. I tried to put in a space, but then it looked oddly sized. When I put them together, it looks long and clunky. I think I spent over an hour on those two things alone and I had to let it be.

This is certainly something I’d like to toy with later and perhaps complete with an iPhone in the dragon’s hand, a light saber in the warrior’s, etc. Ultimately, I really enjoyed getting to toy with the fonts. It was an interesting challenge to make it into an advertisement of sorts for DS106, which I’m not quite sure I fulfilled aesthetically but there is certainly an idea there. Simplistic and a tad mis-matched, but overall just for fun. I’d like to try this again with a newer game title (Animal Crossing?). Might have to do another remix…

What do you think? Am I my worst critic?