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Here is the assignment “Remixed Game Covers” by Jim Groom: with a DS106 twist!

This assignment was surprisingly a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. The description says to “Take a video game cover and remix it to change up the meaning or play with the general idea of the game. You can see more examples in this post which is in many ways the inspiration for this assignment.”

Of course, I clicked the ‘remix’ button, and this is what I got:

How convenient, right? However, when I got to searching, the game covers were ones I’d never seen. Several had fonts that I knew would be extremely difficult to imitate. I really wanted to do the cover to a Choose Your Own Adventure novel because they feature things about stories on it, but the one I saw that fit the best was a bit too small and seemed to depict Native Americans in a less-tasteful manner. Therefore, I decided to go with the original Dungeons & Dragons handbook cover.

First, I found a website that allows one to export fonts as images: Fontmeme. I’ve used this one before, and it really helps to get a stylized font. Unfortunately, the ones they had for the subtitles wasn’t quite exact, but it was good enough. In Pixlr (where I edited the image), I used the dropper tool to pick the color for my font and then color out the rest of the words with the cover’s red.

As you can see, I inputted a different HEX code than the standard white. Then, I clicked ‘Generate,’ opened the image in a new tab, and then downloaded it. I resized my text using the ‘Free Transform’ tool. Honestly, the most difficult part of this assignment was trying to come up with a good alliteration for the title. “Digital & Storytelling” didn’t quite work, and “DS106 & Dragons” didn’t work either since the font does not have numbers. I tried to put in a space, but then it looked oddly sized. When I put them together, it looks long and clunky. I think I spent over an hour on those two things alone and I had to let it be.

This is certainly something I’d like to toy with later and perhaps complete with an iPhone in the dragon’s hand, a light saber in the warrior’s, etc. Ultimately, I really enjoyed getting to toy with the fonts. It was an interesting challenge to make it into an advertisement of sorts for DS106, which I’m not quite sure I fulfilled aesthetically but there is certainly an idea there. Simplistic and a tad mis-matched, but overall just for fun. I’d like to try this again with a newer game title (Animal Crossing?). Might have to do another remix…

What do you think? Am I my worst critic?

Menu and Valentine’s Placeholder

Here is my menu so far, scroll down for an original spin. Decided I would start off by listing my favorite foods:

Excited to edit this in the near future!

Planning on making some meme Valentine’s and 80s ones, too.

Ride Along Computer Cowboy

Title inspired by Neil Young’s “Computer Cowboy” (1983).

One of the assignments I chose to do was Laptop Lingo by Lauren Brumfield. The description is as follows: “I know some of us (myself included) are a bit particular about the looks/cleanliness of our technology. But if that didn’t matter, and you had all of the resources at your fingertips, without any fear of it hurting your technology, what would you make as your laptop cover?   Make your own collage or create your unique laptop skin on My Custom Skin, and then share your work flickr. When you blog about it, explain why you chose each image! Use it as a way to share a little about yourself with your classmates.”

I chose this assignment because I actually got a skin from DecalGirl for Christmas, the site Lauren Brumfield included in the description. I originally wanted to make a laptop one that interacted with the logo like this:

However, the only computer with a logo I think I would like to see is an Apple Macbook though I don’t see myself buying any Apple devices. Nothing against them; Android and other brands are just typically more economic in my experiences. One device I am considering purchasing is the Nintendo DS Lite since I still have my old games. Therefore, if I don’t get my hands on the Pokemon Limited Edition one, it would be neat to just make it my own.

But first, let me show you some of my other skins:

Here is the Nintendo Switch one I got for Christmas. The screen decal took forever to apply!
Here is the wooden one I got before coming to college for my Acer Chromebook.

I swear I chose the correct sizes upon ordering, but the measurements were wrong and I had to trim it. The blue forest sticker was ordered separately.

Can you guess my theme? In the interest of time, I opted to make a ‘collage,’ or display some of my images individually. That way I can edit it fully in the future. The editor page for the DS Lite looks like this:

Here are the images I would use on the ‘outer lid’ of the DS.

I would use the wood pattern as the background. The logo, which is shown on the left of the collage, is embossed and I would be sure to do the measurements to ensure that the logo aligns with the one that would be printed on the decal. On the lower right corner of the cover (so that it is right next to where the device folds), I would crop the sketched image of the two Pokemon sleeping to only include them and overlay it onto the background. It is a screenshot from the Pokemon 4Ever (2001) movie and is quite sentimental to me and my childhood.

I will certainly pretty this up later, but to incorporate the 80s theme, here are images from the original Street Fighter in 1987. This was one of my earliest console games and ties in with my martial arts. I’ll also be analyzing this assignment more in-depth.

Here are the two images I would choose from! I like the pixellated aesthetic.


Hello! It’s Sterling, and I’m back with my second assignment. In the spirit of They Live (see my last blog post for more details), I decided to do the “Apocalyptic Character Generator” by Martha. The assignment’s synopsis is as follows: “Use Hero Machine to design and create a representation of your character for The End 106. When you’re done, export it as PNG file and then use a photo editing application to place your character in a setting that makes sense. Bonus star if you make the final product an animated GIF!”

I thought it would be great to make a character that represented me and my interests. I liked plopping him in the middle of the screenshot from They Live. This screenshot in particular is very profound, for as I discussed in my last post, the main character finds these sunglasses that reveal the truths and intents of anything from advertisements to the alien species mingling with humans. It is a testament to many of the marketing ploys that only exist for profit today. You may be surrounded by people who are driven by economy and politics, who layer themselves with false empathy. And my character, Sterling (of course) is here to reveal the absolute truth.

For more context on the scene, please watch Roddy Piper repeatedly put on and take off sunglasses in this excerpt (NOT a trailer, YouTube) from They Live:

About Sterling: he is quite a bit more muscular than I am – HeroMachine didn’t have any lean muscle options – though instead of using guns like Nada to fight, he uses his fists. I’ve been doing Tae Kwon Do and other martial arts for 13 years, and I recently got my black belt. I incorporated a lot of black and yellow in his outfit to represent Bruce Lee and his jumpsuit (aka the one Uma Thurman wears in Kill Bill): my #1 role model and inspiration. He is a representation of someone Asian in Hollywood (my dream) and is overall a pretty humble dude. He wears one of my favorite fashion items right now: a denim jacket. His trusty cat, Thai, travels with him everywhere. Thai can see these alien beings, and alerts Sterling when they are nearby.

Here is a better view of the finished product:

HeroMachine was surprisingly difficult to use despite its ‘dress up’ kind of interface. Many of the clothes did not fit the initial body parts I had chosen, and it did not seem to offer any variety in the position the clothes are in. I wanted to go for a power-walk kind of image, but it the clothes wouldn’t quite fit. Colors were difficult to figure out too, as you selected from three palettes for each item and applied them. However, many of the design options were still fun and it was cool to see an ‘action’ version of myself come to life. I might also have some outfit inspiration now! It’s rated three stars, and I think it is appropriate given its straightforwardness – one just needs to play with it for a while.