Video Killed the Radio Star

Hello! This is Sterling, back with another post. In this post, I thought I would share my project ideas, my thoughts on a COVID-19 theme, and my Daily Create story since I think it mostly revolves around our current situation. I do not own the featured image. Here is some mood music to show my enthusiasm of moving to video and the title of this post (1979, but close enough… also that thumbnail):

Project ideas! I know for a fact that I want to aim for an interactive narrative if possible. Writing is likely the best medium for this, since I think I can express my imagination the most fluently through it. However, I’m open to graphics and audio if anyone wants to work with me towards a more video game-like structure. I’ve discussed my interest and experience with interactive fiction here and here, as well as uploaded a revised commercial revolving around it here. I just watched the Clue (1985) movie recently, and since I’m stuck with Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie (from my quarantine book raid at Riverby Books), it would be really cool to make a short mystery story set in the 80s. Though if anyone wants to join, I’m cool with any genre really. We can create the biggest choice web if we have more people!

I’ve been watching people like PewDiePie play Detroit: Become Human all week because I love the cinematic choose-your-own-adventure structure it has, and how it reveals a map of all the different ways a scene could have gone after each episode. It’s my dream to be involved in something like this!

Of course, I would use the second-person perspective for this. But is that normally an odd thing to do? In my French class Skype call today, one of the guys said that second person and the use of “you” was cringy. Is it? I actually do a lot of creative writing in my spare time with third-person, and only use second-person for projects like this. I just never thought it was weird if done to be in an immersive narrative. It’s like my roommate who informed me that it was weird and unusual I drink milk all the time, when I’ve been doing it that way all my life (college is very eye-opening). I’m open to shifting to other ideas, but this is what I have to offer right now. I’ve made stories on programs like Inky and would love to explore it more, as well as perhaps looking into Twine which was used for Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018). One can incorporate video in there and other media if they want.

Speaking of short films, check out the trailer for the one I’m involved in! I choreographed some of the (spoiler) fight scene and act as an extra. Will update you guys!

As far as COVID-19 goes, I mentioned what I thought during the DS106 Radio Broadcast on Monday night:

In my opinion, if someone feels like they want to post about coronavirus, by all means. If they don’t find any creativity there or just want to focus on something else, then it should be about the 80s. Right now it makes a lot of sense that people (including me) are posting quite a bit of content covering it, though unless something alarming happens I probably will progressively post about it less. I do like how it has been incorporated into the Daily Creates, though! Which takes me to my next part: my story.

I wasn’t sure of the best way to unify them, but one thing I know is that there is a clear flow. Like any story, it begins with the setting. Society is “Under Pressure,” being set on by only the start of a notably-fatal pandemic. This disease “burns a building down / Splits a family in two / Puts people on streets.” Well, perhaps it keeps more people off the streets in our case, but people are being turned away from hospitals. I’ve heard of some families that are split; I don’t know when I can see my mom or cousins next since some of my relatives are vulnerable. “It’s the terror of knowing what the world is about / Watching some good friends screaming / “Let me out!” / Pray tomorrow gets me higher.” Don’t think I need to explain this lyric.

Next, we come upon the main plot. The world has to combat this pandemic, and it is a communal effort to practice effective social distancing and washing hands. Schools are closing. No more high school proms, or in our case, no more Spring Formal. People are beginning to find optimism in their situations, and can have a little school dance fun when they wash their hands. Enter “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond.. I’ll be honest in that I haven’t tried this yet, but maybe I’ll have to give it a shot if it fits in with any video assignments next week. Would you watch that?

Finally, of course we come upon the climax and resolution. The situation is under control. Pollution has ebbed and waters are clearing at an exponential rate. People will soon able to meet together to a brave new world under a bright new sun. Things won’t be the same, but two generally-standoffish cats mirror humanity as they can finally rest together after exhaustive months. A fire has been lit in the background; hope is here. The unified stand has paid off and we now know how to face challenges ahead as the world. Of course, it isn’t actually all sunshine and rainbows given certain international political circumstances, but… I think we’ll change. For the better.

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