Update:「Week 9」+ Revisions

Featured image is a gif I took, sitting in a gazebo during my walk.

Wow. What an absolute roller coaster of the week this has been. I started off quite productive, though as one can tell, ended up getting crunched for time yet again. Old habits die hard, though this has honestly been a big adjustment period for us all. I’ve had to catch up on the work I missed from being sick for the entirety of last week, and on top of that work on moving back home. I love being home, but when I’m here I’ve always had things to do like visit friends or practice Tae Kwon Do but now I’m stuck. I’ve felt gross being stuck in one place all day and my acne has broken out. Movement is probably what I was known for at UMW, always on the go doing everything, and now that I’m doing nothing other than homework it has been a challenge.

Today, in a one-hour span, I learned that the play I have invested hours into is cancelled, as well as my study abroad and internship trip in France this summer. It isn’t surprising. But it still hurts to know that my acting debut, in a role that was very deep and created some of the most growth for me as an actor will not be happening (we were originally going to perform tonight). The trip that I have been planning for over a year and have invested thousands of dollars into is being refunded. All of my scholarships and letters of recommendation are nullified. I have to announce it and freeze my GoFundMe, which had also accumulated upwards of $1000. My big plans for the summer after are now unlikely to happen since that will be the summer of France. Though I know it could be far worse. I am extremely grateful to be happy once again and to live in a harmonious household.

Today, I was able to take a walk. Apart from the walks I took when I was sick (which didn’t feel great), I can’t remember the last time I walked just for the purpose of walking. To not be zeroed in on a destination or stressed about an assignment. The sun felt better than ever and the breeze was powerful. That, in addition to the nice 6 ft bubble people have been giving, was a refreshing experience. I hope to have more moments like that to inspire creativity for video week. Filming locations will be optimal! Needless to say, I’m looking forward to it.

On the other hand, I have been able to work on a couple of small revisions. Also, quick note that my Daily Creates will not be linked in this post since they have been discussed here.

The first assignment I chose to revise was my Infocom Commercial, which was also used in my radio show. Like in the newer version, I decided to eliminate the 8-bit music and use the Tears For Fears “Shout” instrumental for the entirety of it so that it was more unified. Sound effect had to be slightly re-worked and re-considered. I also balanced the music and the voices better, and had to specifically amplify certain parts of the track to get the effect I wanted such as the beat change from the ‘game’ part to the ‘advertisement’ part. I worked on this one because it displays one of my passions, and I knew that I could do better. However, I doubt I will be truly satisfied until I can get new voice acting for the intro part: my dad seems to be a pretty good candidate.

The other assignment I decided to revise was my radio show sticker. The fact that I layered pre-made images over each other meant that some had different textures and designs that crept in unnoticed. I chose to erase all of the extraneous gray lines off of the design. I also sought to unify the level of sharpness the clipart possessed: some are more “sharp,” and defined pixels could be made out whereas others were far softer with smooth edges. Now it is something I wouldn’t mind having as a sticker on my laptop.

Let’s get through this.


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