Update:「Week 8」

As one can tell from other weekly summaries, this week has been quite an adventure. I went from completely dismissing the coronavirus to having school closed for a few weeks. I’ve been in the dark this whole week – classes and all – since I was out with the flu. Of course, challenges this week included trying to complete my Daily Creates. They were few in number, though not on the top of my list at the start of the week. Unfortunately, I was not quite sure how to interpret these so I did what I thought matched best:

Another challenge of course included those I encountered with the radio show project, which was detailed in my post. In short, those included creating the script, trying to use the vocal booth, and trying to blend the four differently-edited audio clips. I am proud of what we did, and I think it is very informational. With more time, collaboration, resources, and different circumstances, this could have been slightly different though I am not unsatisfied. I hope people will use my script to be able to understand my words. I actually just watched the Clue (1985) movie and I think it would be very cool to see or do a radio show orienting around a mystery like that. To create something featuring alternate endings, like Clue, would be a great project to take on.

I have reviewed the assignment more in-depth in my post. To be honest, even though I never feel like I have enough time to finish the regular assignments, I am eager to return to them if that is next on the agenda. I enjoy the original content and freedom of imagination. Perhaps these next few weeks at home, without my crazy amount of extracurriculars, will help my content production level.

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