Update:「Week 10」

Hello! Hope y’all are doing well. This is Sterling, back with another update.

As you can tell, I couldn’t break out of my habit of procrastination. Being at home is like moving through molasses. I’d stopped associating being at home with doing homework: even during my final years of high school, most of my homework was done by traveling there in the early morning. Before then, I did homework at daycare. For work that is supposed to be done at home, it isn’t very easy. Not to mention that I don’t have all of the pressure that comes from having physical classes. It is nice to be able to take my time – I am a slow worker – though that lack of face-to-face interaction is slightly demotivating.

Regardless, it was fun to take a break from all of the classes that have changed and to face DS106: my creative constant.

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