Update:「Week 1」

Week 1 was, as one can expect by the time I have posted this, harder than expected. It certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone to record my voice and my face, though it was a change I was willing to make – as well as creating public accounts. Growing up with an IT Security Officer as a father, I’ve always been taught to use aliases and to lock down my information so that no one can ever witness it. However, as a Theatre major, it is now time that I begin releasing more information about myself so that I can attract others to my portfolio. I also have a passion for the theme and several 80s-related aspects I plan to discuss in future posts. I look forward to customizing my new social media and formatting my blog to read easily and attractively!

One challenge I came across involved my Instagram account: I created a “finsta” in high school labelled with my alias for this class (sincerelysterling). I lost the password, as well as the password for the e-mail account it was attached to. No other accounts were attached to it for recovery, so I will likely have to either communicate with Google or ‘give up,’ which isn’t too hard when it comes to old content. I opted to go with my Twitter handle as my username on my new Instagram (@sincerelysterls) instead. It also took me a little bit to understand the tags, too, so my posts may not have been attached to the main course site correctly. I will link both my Introduction and my 80s posts below just in case (or if you’d like to know more about me):

Here is my introduction!
And here are my thoughts on the 80s!

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