Ride Along Computer Cowboy

Title inspired by Neil Young’s “Computer Cowboy” (1983).

One of the assignments I chose to do was Laptop Lingo by Lauren Brumfield. The description is as follows: “I know some of us (myself included) are a bit particular about the looks/cleanliness of our technology. But if that didn’t matter, and you had all of the resources at your fingertips, without any fear of it hurting your technology, what would you make as your laptop cover?   Make your own collage or create your unique laptop skin on My Custom Skin, and then share your work flickr. When you blog about it, explain why you chose each image! Use it as a way to share a little about yourself with your classmates.”

I chose this assignment because I actually got a skin from DecalGirl for Christmas, the site Lauren Brumfield included in the description. I originally wanted to make a laptop one that interacted with the logo like this:

However, the only computer with a logo I think I would like to see is an Apple Macbook though I don’t see myself buying any Apple devices. Nothing against them; Android and other brands are just typically more economic in my experiences. One device I am considering purchasing is the Nintendo DS Lite since I still have my old games. Therefore, if I don’t get my hands on the Pokemon Limited Edition one, it would be neat to just make it my own.

But first, let me show you some of my other skins:

Here is the Nintendo Switch one I got for Christmas. The screen decal took forever to apply!
Here is the wooden one I got before coming to college for my Acer Chromebook.

I swear I chose the correct sizes upon ordering, but the measurements were wrong and I had to trim it. The blue forest sticker was ordered separately.

Can you guess my theme? In the interest of time, I opted to make a ‘collage,’ or display some of my images individually. That way I can edit it fully in the future. The editor page for the DS Lite looks like this:

Here are the images I would use on the ‘outer lid’ of the DS.

I would use the wood pattern as the background. The logo, which is shown on the left of the collage, is embossed and I would be sure to do the measurements to ensure that the logo aligns with the one that would be printed on the decal. On the lower right corner of the cover (so that it is right next to where the device folds), I would crop the sketched image of the two Pokemon sleeping to only include them and overlay it onto the background. It is a screenshot from the Pokemon 4Ever (2001) movie and is quite sentimental to me and my childhood.

I will certainly pretty this up later, but to incorporate the 80s theme, here are images from the original Street Fighter in 1987. This was one of my earliest console games and ties in with my martial arts. I’ll also be analyzing this assignment more in-depth.

Here are the two images I would choose from! I like the pixellated aesthetic.

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