Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

Title a reference to Bohemian Rhapsody (1975, but we’ll round it up) by Queen. I think the song accurately reflects my feelings for this project: passionate, all over the place, and perhaps a little crazy.

Hello! Hope you’re staying safe, healthy, and well. We’re almost done, so hang in there. Really stoked to share this project!

As I’ve said in a prior post where I state my general ideas, I’ve chosen an interactive fiction theme. I’ve reiterated that I’m a fan of works where you make the story like Bandersnatch, Zork, and Detroit: Become Human. That, in combination with my recent adventures of quarantine Dungeons and Dragons, is what has driven me to pursue my idea. My friends and I started a pandemic-themed campaign set in a fantasy land. The names of places and lore are a little silly (the town of Loopoopoo?), though it been just as fun as my other campaigns and has really been a highlight to my Saturday afternoons. Not to mention that it combines our course themes of 80s and pandemic.

The map, drawn by the amazing Elsa. (@elsamakesart on Instagram)

Even though this project involves multiple media platforms, I’ve elected to complete it through Inky, which from what I can tell primarily uses text. You can view some of my past works on Inky here. For those who don’t know what Inky is, it is a script that allows one to program their own choose-your-own-adventure. This can then be exported as HTML on a website. I will implement links of the images and sound I create into the ‘adventure,’ so please click on those when they appear.

Music will likely be a single track of fantastical ambience (with an 80s twist) I have mixed that you can open at the start and listen to as you play through the adventure. If I have time, I may implement a bit of voice acting and sound effects. As for images, I think it would be cool to design a game cover and find some way to implement it into Inky when the ‘adventure’ is booted up. I may also modify some images for when your character arrives at a new setting, as well. However, this is all dependent on time and I plan to invest most of it into the story.

Of course, it will only be a short story rather than a full one. I’d like to create a longer, more detailed journey one day but for now this will suffice. I’m imagining that it will take around ten minutes to navigate through the longest branch of the story, and hopefully a bit longer if my audience decides to try the story again with different choices. This would be my ideal length. I’ve chosen to focus on this aspect because I really enjoy writing (writing week was my favorite by far) and I’d love to explore Inky even more. This’ll be my third rodeo and hopefully the most successful.

I talked about what may be too much content with my current workload and finals coming up. However, I’ll do my best with what I have and see where it lands! I hope my idea interests you!

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