86,400 Seconds In A Day

‘Ello folk! This is Sterling. Hope you’re doing well. I’m sure you’ve heard of an app called 1SE, or ‘One Second Everyday’ where you record one second everyday. My friends have been doing it and they hooked me in November 2019. I’ve been doing my best to keep up with it, though there are certainly notable gaps. Some of it comes from me transferring to a new phone, and I still have clips to recover from it. Regardless, here is 107 days’ worth of seconds:

The first assignment I chose to combine was “A Day in the Life…” by Chloe Morton, and is worth three stars. “‘A Second A Day’ has become popular in videos recently. A moderation for this class would be taking 3-5 seconds of video at the beginning of each hour or every half hour throughout the day. The time can be adjusted as long as distance between videos is consistent. The point is to experience ‘A Day in the Life’ of YOU and everyone and everything you encounter! To make it easier set an alarm on you phone to remind you at each time interval!” Of course, I already had several videos and felt like it would be interesting to do “Four Months in the Life…” instead. In all of its ups and downs.

The other one was “Favorite Moments in College” by Kendall Resnick, and is worth two stars. The description is as follows: “Create a video using some of your favorite pictures/videos that you have taken while in school this year! Add a wide variety of pictures from throughout the year. Make sure to add some music to the video before you post it!” Since a very large portion of my seconds involve my time at UMW over the past year, I thought I would include this one. I always try to record one of my favorite moments of the day. I do keep some to myself and purposefully forget to record certain moments (lest they be ruined).

1SE is a very easy app to use. Sometimes I wish I could include multiple clips in a day, but the beauty lies in its simplistic limitations (unless you pay for premium, which also has several editing functions). One simply takes a video and then clicks on the day they wish to add it to. They can record it within the app or on their camera app. I had to go into my Google Photos to locate some of the clips that had backed up from my previous phone. It was slightly tedious to comb through it all, and to know that there were still more clips to be dealt with. However, once I downloaded them, it was easy to upload to 1SE. It was also interesting to find clips to fill in some of the ‘holes’.

The “Mash” button puts your clips together: you can select which ones it combines, too.

One thing I would consider changing as I continue to add and recover clips is music. I was initially resistant against the idea because I think it is fun to listen to some of the snippets, but they pass in a second. People would not be able to make out the context except for those involved and likely become disengaged. I would consider using music without lyrics so that people could hear the clips that are loud enough. I would also consider muting the clips that have songs playing through.

Overall, I think this assignment encompasses my life quite decently. It features some mindless clips that come from the down time in a busy day. Gaps in February come from always being on the go for theatre. TV clips represent my favorite movies and shows. It features immense highs like getting my black belt to cat videos to make me feel better. I was in VA, DC, and MD. It was very reflective to witness those moments all together. There is certainly merit to be gained from this assignment because one can learn basic video editing skills. There is no layering required other than audio. The power of mobile devices can certainly make this happen if one is seeking an easier format. To have clips only limited to a few seconds makes it flow together seamlessly.

I would definitely recommend doing this assignment: whether it be a variation or not. The end product can be re-watched for years to come.

Out of 86,400 seconds in a day, there must be something special about the ones I’ve chosen.

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