Marty McFly, Guitar Hero

Hello, and welcome back to my blog! This assignment is called “The Forest Gump Project” by Bill Genereux. It is worth 3.5 stars and contains the description: “Good ole’ Forrest Gump. He always manages to find himself at the center of history, and using photo editing software, so can you. Find a historic photograph and place yourself into the scene, just like Forrest Gump.”

I decided to slip myself into the Enchantment Under the Sea prom in Back to the Future (1985). I play guitar with Marty McFly and the band, though as you can see, I play an instrument of the future: a Guitar Hero/Rock Band guitar for the Wii. It would be pretty great to ‘play’ with them, and to make a cameo representing the future. I will walk my audience through my process, which was done on Pixlr Editor.

Here is the original picture of me playing Rock Band in December 2018!
I cropped away the area around the original picture. I also resized myself, and then erased where my body intersected with the students at the dance.
Then, I added a shadow to match the lighting of the students in the foreground. I also decreased the saturation of my body since the lighting in the image is less warm and older films were not quite as vibrant as they are today.
Lastly, I used the unsharpen mask tool and add some ‘noise,’ or graininess, to my body to match the quality of the film. I also had to re-construct my knee since I had accidentally edited it too short.

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