Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Hey, this is Sterling! Maybe this is clickbait since I’m not in a relationship with anyone. However, I thought I’d update my progress on my ‘seconds of the day’ project. In the linked post, I’ve detailed the app I use – 1SE – and how to use it. Basically, you record a second every day and put it together after some time. Most of my seconds now revolve around my home life, and that is where I find love: with my family.

As you can see, the video contains a lot of footage of my cats. Often, they are the highlight of my day (though they can be a nuisance). Otherwise, there is a lot of my cousins, parents, and uncle. You can see things from quarantine haircuts to Zoom calls with friends. It is interesting to reflect on this footage and see how small my physical social circle has become. As you can see, I chat with my friends through video call. The first few times were just calling, but now we play online games and are trying to organize a watch party (using the browser extension Netflix Party). Once school is over, I will have to be creative and find ways to entertain myself.

Apart from reflection, I find value in these assignments (“A Day in the Life…” and “Favorite Moments in College”) because of their universal application. My ‘day’ can happen at school or at home. In some ways, I’m encapsulating an entire day at home – just spread throughout several clips. Even though it might not be my favorite moments in college anymore, isolating that section of present moments has been somewhat therapeutic. Looking towards the present and the future are valuable skills to have during this time. I’m grateful to see what a loving family I have. Even though I’ve had personal hardships being at home, these highlights are what help: it’s what we reflect on the media. They are, indeed, my ‘favorite moments’.

I’ve been able to make 1SE a part of my daily routine, and would certainly consider transferring to a different editor. I was also tempted to overlay it with music here, but the sounds and the joy in each clip all mean something to me. Even those without context should be able to find some if it entertaining as well.

Since this entry was rather short, please enjoy a couple of videos I have been featured in recently:

Anybody Have A Map? from Dear Evan Hansen – UMW Theatre Edition

The past several weeks have definitely been a challenge. Each and everyone of us has been trying to navigate this new normal, and all we can do is take it day by day. And some days, we could really use a map.Thank you so much to the support of University of Mary Washington and University of Mary Washington College of Arts and Sciences, Pasek and Paul, the creators of Dear Evan Hansen at the Music Box Theatre, who graciously approved our dialogue edits, and of course, all of our faculty, staff, and students who continue to keep our work alive, even from a distance. #OneUMW Playbill BroadwayWorld TDF Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS On Stage Blog COVID-19 Musical Theatre Nerds

Posted by UMW Theatre on Monday, April 20, 2020
A social distancing-themed music video from Dear Evan Hansen, with lyrics approved by the creators themselves!

Our sport clubs want you to know… we’re all in this together ❤️🥎🧹🥏🎾⚽️ #umwishome

Posted by UMW Campus Rec on Wednesday, April 22, 2020
A community-building video featuring club sports! (I’m #2!)

These are love as well.

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