Around the World: Premiere!

Featured image is Kaitlin’s poster!

Hallo! Welkom! In this blog post, I will detail the process of creating our radio show. Together with AllisonMaeve, and Kaitlin, we created a tour of 80s culture in Australia, Germany, Japan, and South Africa. We each talked about things like fashion, music, technology, and sports. Feel free to listen as you read:

As I covered in my first update, we worked on outlining our materials and shared the content we created that could be contributed to the project. As a group, we discussed adapting Professor Bond’s suggestion of unifying our narrative and establishing a storyline. That was definitely a challenge, and we ended up settling on our original idea but making sure we used the same categories. We employed the use of transitions like Allison’s traveling noises and making sure to refer to other group members’ content to make it truly feel like one is travelling from place to place. Next, we reserved the HCC Vocal Booth on Tuesday night for 12:30-2 PM Thursday, March 12th. Unfortunately, we were faced with several issues: it was locked upon arrival, Audacity had been uninstalled and required admin access, and on top of that the microphone would not record. We called upon the Digital Knowledge Center for assistance, but they could not figure it out either.

Did my best to clean up what I got.

We had to record with our phones in the soundproof booth. This lead to a reduced quality, but certainly not terrible as we were given advice to distance ourselves from our phone microphones to avoid “popping” consonants like “p” and “t.” I actually tried to record, but I’ve had the flu all week so I kept stumbling on my words. I’ve definitely been a little out of it after my 102-degree fever on Sunday, which hindered some of my planning as well. My throat has been sore, and as you can tell congestion really got me in my recording when I tried again earlier today. As an actor, I pride myself in my articulation and enunciation but there was no helping it this time. Just in case you cannot understand my recording, you can view my script and list of sources.

Here is the source of the music I used to introduce my section!

Regardless, it was fun to mix in the music by including ‘previews’ like they do for music stations and to try to imitate the high energy radio hosts present in their shows. To achieve this ‘preview’ effect, I made sure to use the Amplify tool in Audacity to “de-amplify” the sounds when they were not being featured. This can be achieved by inserting a negative value when determining how much a soundbite should be amplified.

After I did that, I did what I had promised in my post last week and fixed up my Infocom commercial regarding text adventure video games. I chose to nix the 8-bit dungeon theme in favor of the Tears for Fears “Shout” instrumental. I’d love to find a way to implement it again in the future, and perhaps repost my revised commercial. I added that, as well as my radio bumper to our radio show. Since I have the most audio editing experience, I volunteered to compile all of our sections together. To do that, I simply imported the clips to Audacity and dragged them together using the Time Shift Tool. Since everyone else’s clips were quieter than mine (since I used a compressing tool on my track), I tried to de-amplify my section as a whole without losing too much of my voice.

Here is Allison’s great logo!

Overall, this was a neat experience. I liked being able to meet some of my classmates in person and to see who is behind some of the work I’ve been looking at throughout the semester. It was cool to learn about 80s around the world. This assignment clearly takes a lot of work to make it into something that knocks others out of the water. I am proud of what we have done, and with the circumstances that happened at this time I believe we handled it well. Under different terms, I would love to follow the suggestion of a more unified narrative and perhaps attempt a story like what I heard at the tweet-along.

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