Update:「Week 2」

Enjoy a picture of my cat that I used for my Daily Create! Here is some mood music. To enjoy while you read:

This week was very hard. (Who on Earth let a sophomore like me sign up for a senior-level course?) I vastly underestimated the amount of time I had, though I’m glad I could at least touch base with They Lived (1988). I hope to go more in-depth about the film’s psychology and more with next week’s writing theme, for I feel like I express myself best with words. I’m borrowing my roommate’s Hulu account to re-watch the film – haven’t watched that movie in years! It will be a great refresher. I’m also much happier about my blog’s layout now that I have personalized it a bit more, and I am eager to work on the home page.

One thing that got me through the week was 80s Japanese music. I have trouble concentrating when I listen to words with lyrics, though I was starting to get tired of chillhop. Therefore, what else to listen to than music with words that I do not understand? Mariya Takeuchi and Tatsuro Yamashita have taken me through hours of homework: they are taking me through this post now. Foreign oldies are a true gem!

A struggle I had was that my blog posts say that they are posted on January 25th when I absolutely posted them on the 24th. I never set a posting delay, and I’m thinking my blog should be in the correct time zone. In my time clutter, I found myself spending too much time on digital image editing when I probably could’ve done something similarly effective with less effort. Perfectionism isn’t always the answer.

I managed to complete 2/4 Daily Creates and 2/3 Assignments. As an artistic person, I knew that I would have fun doing the assignments, yet I let myself succumb to stress and try to finish them last-minute. I pride myself on being meticulous – especially being an Honors student – though I put too much time in other homework. I pledge to start on my assignments earlier since I truly enjoyed doing them, and like my other courses, Digital Storytelling needs to be a class I let myself love. Though if you couldn’t tell from my other posts, I’m already falling in love with this new creative outlet.

What I learned this week: Many things are not what they seem. I can be a hero. It is easy to forget about what is ‘invisible’. And like the aliens in They Live, digital images and arts are all around me: I just can’t see them.

Please check out my Daily Create and Assignment posts at the bottom of this one. ^_^



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